Louis Garneau Course Race Bib Short

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Because of its Lazer Rev fabric with reduced seams, the Louis Garneau Course Race Bib Short is almost without comparison for comfort and aerodynamics. The seamless inner leg stays smooth and flat so excess material doesn’t get hooked on the saddle. The knitted material with a second skin feel has a high percentage of Lycra fiber to compress the legs, stimulate circulation and increase recovery time. It also absorbs road vibration helping to relieve some muscle fatigue. Longevity is ensured because this dynamic Lazer Rev fabric re-bounds its shape after being worn even on those long 4- or 5-hour rides. The hem at thigh is also Lazer-finished making an aerodynamic smooth transition from cycling bib-shorts to legs. There’s even more to the complexity of fabrics in these Louis Garneau bib-shorts. Power mesh at bottom encourages air flow to keep you cool and dry while still maintaining excellent aerodynamic qualities. Carbon X-Mesh at the top is used for its anti-static properties so it doesn’t crinkle. Instead, it covers your skin perfectly as you pedal your bike. Performance and comfort are combined to offer a pair of cycling bib-shorts for the cyclists who commit their time to excelling at the sport of riding and racing bikes. The Coldback® finish helps maintain a cool body because it shields the athlete from heat especially in dark clothing. The UPF protection in the Coldback is another quality to ensure a cyclist feels good during and after a bike ride or race. Possibly most important to cyclists who like endurance rides is the comfort of the chamois. Louis Garneau’s patented 5-motion chamois combines 3-D shaped wings with a slit in the back that allows air to circulate and keep you fresh. The variable density perforated foam adjusts to the shape of your body even as it changes position on the saddle. Sitting up on the hoods or crouched low into the handle bars, the cycling chamois protects you even on those long endurance rides. The bib-straps are stretch trimmed so they lie flat and comfortably against the skin. Side reflective accents that increase visibility are the final touches to make this a top quality pair of cycling bib-shorts.
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Really Good Bib
Extremely comfortable material. The laser cut hem at the thigh is better than elastic or silicon. The chamois fits me well, not huge like some other brands. The upper material is very light weight and the back is mostly open which is good for hot rides.

I've bought a 2nd pair and am considering a third just to keep around for the future. These probably won't be around for ever.

Tour Cycling has the best price I've found.

From: Guest | Created on: 6/2/2015 12:04 AM

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lean fit
I am 5'8" lean racer and the Louis Garneau Course Race Bib Short fits me well.  I have had problems with shorts having a little too much bagginess in the creases area, but this Louis Garneau bibs stay single layered--like a second skin.  The chamois is also on the thin end which is good for me because I do a lot of shorter faster rides.  I will buy again from Tour Cycling because they carry the best around and I got the bibshorts in just a few days.

From: Guest | Created on: 3/4/2014 6:58 AM

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