Louis Garneau Course Superleggera Bib Short

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Finding a pair of perfect fitting bib shorts that also feel good in hot weather is a challenge many serious cyclists face when the summer approaches. Louis Garneau’s Course Superleggera Bib Short has been pre-shaped with minimal seams in a generous 8-panel construction which covers every inch of your skin as if it were your second layer. Superlight and super breathable fabrics on the side are made of Delfino fabrics that absorb less moisture and dry quickly. By allowing air to circulate and dry your skin, your ideal body performance temperature can be maintained so you can put it all out and make the needed effort to perform your best. Compressive Power and Lycra fibers create the needed stretch and add to the perfect fit. They also help to absorb the road’s vibration allowing your body stay comfortable and put out that all-needed effort. Lastly, the compression helps to stimulate circulation which speeds up recovery. These are all the qualities needed for the cyclist who depends on a good performance. The heat of the sun is blocked out by the Lazer Rev which helps to keep your body cool. The Lazer Rev also has SPF protection to keep the sun’s rays from damaging you skin. The Lazer Rev band at thigh is a smooth transition from cycling short to the leg therefore improving aerodynamics. The 5Motion Chamois has been carefully designed so the right amount of padding has been placed in the areas that receive the most pressure. A deep split in the back separated by vented mesh keeps you fresh and it adjusts to your seat as you move on the saddle. A stretch trim on the bib straps ensures the straps outline your body as perfectly as the shorts. Not only is comfort designed into all aspects of the Superleggera Bib Cycling Short, but also practicality. A “nature calls” panel was designed into the cycling bib-shorts so bathroom breaks can be short and fast. Safety was a consideration because visibility was increase by placing reflective panels on the back and front of the cycling shorts.

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* This product contains more spandex than basic knits for full stretch and shape recovery.
* Its compression and unique support maximize muscles’ performance.
* Its special construction is developed to never shred, and forms the perfect fabric for an efficient seamless supportive band that will maintain its compression quality with no risk of degradation.
* This knit has a UPF/SPF 50.
* Stretchy knit: 78 % polyester 22 % spandex
* 220 g/m2, 6,5 oz/sq yd
* Like all knits, it is recommended to avoid abrasive materials and surfaces.
* Ergonomic fit:  Pre-shaped to fit and support the body and movement
* Inseam:  11.25"/28.5cm
* 8 panels
* Aero Lazer band at thigh:  Lazer-cut, smooth transition to improve aerodynamics and muscle support
* Seamless inner leg:  Reduces bulkiness and excess material that causes saddle bunching for more comfort
* Stretch trim on bib straps:  Provides greater ease and comfort
* Nature calls panel:  For fast and easy "pit stops"
* Back and bottom reflective accents:  Enhance visibility
* 5Motion Chamois
* Compressive Fit
* Coldblack®  Finish
LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA®