Louis Garneau Course Skin Suit

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For the ambitious road racer who needs not only cycling gear, but also cycling clothing to be aerodynamic, Louis Garneau has combined aero jersey with aero cycling short to create the Louis Garneau Course Skin Suit. The ultimate road race skin suit for cyclists looking to win races, the Course Skin cycling suit is made with materials that offer complete aerodynamics and comfort. Full zippered front allows you to slip into the skin suit and zip it up so you ride in a single, sleek piece of aerodynamic cycling apparel. In case you need extra ventilation, the zipper is easy to open while you are riding. Ergonomics is achieved through the construction of one-piece of material with minimal seams. The seamless inner leg increases comfort by decreasing chafing of the skin and the possibility of material bunching against the saddle. The shoulders are pre-shaped to fit perfectly while in the riding position. The Lazer-finished transition areas from cycling suit to skin suit are extremely aerodynamic. The SpeedTech fabric, strategically placed at thigh and sleeve, may be the most aerodynamic fabric on the market. The Mondo fabric is stretchy while fully recovering its shape to maintain a long life so you have a skin suit for multiple seasons. The Course Skin Suit is also designed to keep your body temperature in a comfortable range. The vented mesh is breathable and wicks sweat quickly to keep you dry and cool. Dark colors absorb heat when exposed to direct sunlight but the Coldback® finish in the Louis Garneau Course Skin Suit is designed to block out the sun’s high temperature so the dark material doesn’t heat up. ColdBack keeps you cool from the inside out. UPF50 has been added to it so it also blocks out the damaging sun rays, giving you another layer of protection. The high-density perforated memory foam in the 5Motion chamois has smooth transitions from thicker to thinner areas so there is no pinching and no chafing. The 3D shaped wings have a split in the back bridged by vented mesh so the chamois adjusts to your body as it shifts on the saddle. Low drop in the front, known as a “nature call” panel, makes pit stops fast and easy. The 3 floating back mesh panels do not pull on the cycling jersey when filled with GUs and energy bars.
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* Aerodynamic:  Combines ergonomic, fit, performance and comfort
* Inseam: 10.5"/26.5 cm
* One-piece technology:  Minimum number of seams to enhance aerodynamics and minimize risks of irritation
* Full length zip with garage:  Offers maximum comfort and ventilation without compromising the support of an ergonomic fit
* Pre-shaped shoulders:  Enhance comfort in cycling position
* 3 floating back mesh pockets:  Free at the bottom, create no tension when full and offer added ventilation
* Lazer-finished at thigh and sleeve:  Designed for improved aerodynamics
* Seamless inner leg:  Reduces bulkiness and excess material that causes saddle bunching for more comfort
* Nature calls panel:  For fast and easy "pit stops"
* Front, back and bottom reflective accents:  Enhance visibility
* Next to skin Men
* UPF/SPF 50
* Coldblack Finish®

* 5Motion chamois