ASSOS SS.cento_s7 Jersey

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The ASSOS SS.cento_s7 Jersey is designed to be ridden on those long endurance rides. Every aspect of this ASSOS long distance cycling jersey is designed to manage body sweat and rising body heat for extended periods of time. When you ride in the SS.cento_s7 on long distances during the warmer months, you stay dry and cool. The ASSOS Type.145 fabric used to construct the jersey regulates body temperature through several innovative ASSOS design qualities. The breath-ability of the fabric circulates air so you never feel sealed into the cycling jersey. When your body heats up, cool air constantly refreshes you. The fabric also absorbs sweat in certain areas so the wet sweat can be evaporated to the air. In the SS.cento_s7, you’ll never have soggy armpits weighing you down and spoiling your comfort. You’ll stay dry which is essential to keep you at just the right performance body temperature. To top off the cooling qualities, the full front zipper is easy to open when you are riding and need to let in extra ventilation. When you observe how the jersey fits, it outlines the contours of the body in the cycling position. It feels like a layer of skin on top of your own skin. The lightness of the fabric also helps to give that second skin feel. Even when filled with cycling food, the three rear pockets stay in place and the mesh in them is also breathable. A small zippered pocket has been placed so you can store keys, money and whatever else you need to secure during your bicycle ride. The ASSOS SS.cento_s7 Jersey is part of the ASSOS s7 series which has the latest ASSOS advances in technology designed into its fabrics. Improvements have been made in fabric breath-ability, cooling qualities as well as how fast it absorbs and evaporates sweat. ASSOS s7 jersey designs are compatible with a wide range of cyclist’s bodies.

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4 textiles, 18 patterns, 13 components
Tailored to fit your body in the cycling position
ASSOS Type.145 fabric
Maintains your body temperature
Three rear pockets, plus zippered storage safety pocket, meshed
Full front zipper for ventilation