Santini BCool Bib Short

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When you need to stay cool on very hot days, the Santini B-Cool bib shorts have all the features to help your body evaporate sweat and dispel heat so you can continue to perform and feel great. The Santini designers understand that when your body heats up from making hard efforts on the bike with the added heat from the hot sun, your core temperature could rise to dangerous levels. The B-Cool Bib Short has been designed with fabrics to beat the heat. Thermo-regulating fabric encourages air to flow which cools you down. The fabric also blocks UV rays so you are less exposed to ambient heat. Maintaining a healthy core temperature is essential not only for performance but also for health. Internally, by sweating, your body can maintain a healthy temperature as you start to ride hard. When your core temperature heats up, the sweat that appears on your skin evaporates to cool you down. In order for your body to cool down, it needs cycling clothing that allows your skin to breathe. Santini worked with this basic physiological response to add fabric into the B-Cool Bib Shorts that absorbs this sweat and evaporates it to keep you cool. Compression is another quality that makes these Santini Bib Shorts designed for the performance rider. The elastic component of the fabric compresses the body. The compression stimulates blood flow, increasing the amount of oxygen to the body so you can perform better. It also creates a highly aerodynamic pair of bib shorts allowing air to flow smoothly over your body. The raw-cut rubberized Lycra band makes the transition from cycling shorts to legs smooth while keeping the shorts in place. The MIG3 chamois has a very complex construction so that it can protect you for hours of pedaling while sitting on the bike saddle. Multiple-density silicone panels are injected onto a mesh fabric which absorbs the vibration from the road without any extra bulk that snags on your seat. The bottom layer of soft microfiber protects the seat area from wear so you have a pair of cycling bib shorts that will last through multiple seasons. Two layers of foam absorb the shock even as your body shifts around on the seat. The layer closest to your body is a soft anti-bacterial layer that will not chafe your skin. Complete comfort in hot weather is what the Santini B-Cool Bib Shorts bring to your summer and spring bicycle rides.

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* Lycra Newport fabric (78% Polyamide, 22% Elastane), providing elastic compression to reduce muscle strain and feature elasticated braces and a breathable insert on the back.
* Inserts on the sides are made of Carbon fabric which is thermo-regulating and blocks UV rays
* A raw cut elasticated anti-slip Lycra band on the thigh covers muscles like a second skin

* New MIG3 chamois