Santini Wool Heritage Short Sleeve Jersey

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Cycling clothing used to be made with wool. Over the years, wool was replaced with synthetic fabrics which were more efficient and cheaper to make. Certainly, wool had its advantages: It wicks moisture away from the body quicker and can hold moisture about three times its own weight. As a result of this quality, water has more time to evaporate. Wool also doesn’t get as smelly as some of the synthetic materials can get. Wool is coming back into the cycling industry with improvements. The Wool Heritage Short Sleeve Jersey has all the advantages of traditional wool, but Polyester has been added to the combination of fabrics. This wool cycling jersey is as stretchy, light and durable as the modern day traditional cycling jersey. Abrasion-resistant stitching adds to the comfort. Some cool retro elements like the knitted collar and cuffs, the short metal zipper and the triple back pocket closed with metal buttons are reminiscent of the great Italian Fausto Coppi who was one of the great cyclists at the beginning of the Golden Years of road racing when all cycling clothes were made of wool.

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