Santini Pure Bib Short

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The Santini Pure Bib Shorts have a retro look mixed with modern technical performance fabrics. Constant muscle compression results from Action Power Lycra® which has elastic properties when stretched. Before the ride, the Santini bib shorts are easy to slip into. Yet once you begin riding, the tension creates a highly aerodynamic pair of shorts that supports your muscles over the bumps of the road which in turn reduces fatigue. The same compression stimulates oxygen-carrying blood to flow through your working legs so you recover quicker. Black, breathable mesh braces help to circulate air through the material so you stay cool, fresh and dry. Staying dry is essential to maintaining a healthy performance body temperature. The anti-chafing white trim creates a smooth transition area between the bibs and your skin. This results in an area that does not chafe. Comfort is added into every detail of the Pure Bib Shorts. The beautiful Santini chain embroidery on the thigh and the Santini Jacquard leg gripper are not only smooth but they add to the stylish vintage look. The Santini GIT chamois with silicone anti-shock gel core is multi-layered so you have maximum protection in areas that receive most saddle pressure. The padding thins out in areas that have less pressure so that as a result the chamois is lightweight and will not interfere with your connection to the bicycle. The gel core adjusts to the anatomy of the body no matter what position you are in in the saddle. These retro bib shorts are designed for the cyclist who focuses on feeling good on the bike.

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Product FeaturesProduct reviews
* Retro Bib Shorts
* Excellent technical performance
* Made from Action Power Lycra that offers constant muscle compression
* Breathable mesh braces with anti-chafing white trim
* Santini GIT chamois with silicone anti-shock gel core
* Santini chain embroidery on the thigh
* Jacquard elastic leg grippers with silicone dots

* Back pocket