CatEye Strada Slim - Silver

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Easy to install and easy to read, the CatEye Strada Slim measures your distance, speed and time on the bike. At the end of your ride, the average speed and max speed is recorded so you can keep an accurate training log. A fresh new design that allows for a smaller battery makes the computer thinner and lighter without losing data reading accuracy.
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* Functions: - Current, Average and Maximum Speed - Trip Distance - Odometer - Elapsed Time - Stop Watch - Clock - Dual Tire Size Recognition
* Features: - Average Speed Pacing - Automatic Start/Stop - Power-saving and Sleep Modes - Low Battery alarm for both computer head and sensor
* Slim speed sensor can be placed on the inside of the front fork and out of sight
* Easy to read display features large font size and customizable screen
* Required Clearance for Speed Sensor: 12-17mm