Kask BAMBINO Helmet - Black

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When Chris Boardman broke the world hour record in a bob-tailed TT helmet 20 years ago, the aerodynamic advantages of these non-traditional TT helmets became well known. After 20 years of further technological advances, KASK designed the TT Bambino Helmet which has been used by Team SKY to win the Tour de France two years in a row. These KASK cycling helmets can be used to your advantage in any event that requires extreme aerodynamics, time trials, pursuits and triathlons. The Bambino, which covers most of your face, including your ears, has all the qualities of a cycling helmet that directs air smoothly over the curves of the rounded helmet. The outer shell has been tested in the wind tunnel to ensure that air will flow over the helmet regardless of the position the head is in. The rounded surface is one of the advantages a bob-tail has over the longer tailed helmet which acts like a parachute when there is any side wind. The high-tech magnetic visor which can only be found on the Bambino Helmet is connected to the helmet by five magnets which give a level surface for air to flow over. Maybe one of the most comfortable cycling helmets around, the Bambino fits well without being too tight. KASK Air flows through the six air micro-takes on the front which is directed through an internal duct system to the four vents in the rear. 3D Dry padding has ventilation holes which reduces head to helmet contact by 70% which means air will constantly be flowing over your head to keep you cool. The same padding draws moisture away from the head to keep you dry which helps maintain a healthy temperature. The padding, made of Coolmax®, is removable and washable. The lateral spacers in the anti-allergic, soft chin strap give excellent ventilation and won’t chafe your skin. In-molding construction with a polycarbonate outer layer absorbs shock and increases the unsurpassed safety offered by this TT cycling helmet worn by Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome when they won the 2012 and 2013 Tour de France.

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* Aerodynamic high performing shell, characterized by the innovative bob-tail design;
* Ventilation is achieved by means of 6 air micro-intakes on the front and 4 in the rear, connected through an internal air duct system.
* The visor is integrated to the helmet thanks to five magnets.
* The Coolmax textile internal pads are made from KASK’s 3D Dry system which draws perspiration away from the head and these pads are removable and washable;
* In-molding innovative construction, complete protection guaranteed by a polycarbonate layer that covers the shell on the top, on the base ring and on the back.
* The chin pad is made from non-allergic imitation leather;
* PVC thermo-realized soft lateral spacers, where these straps are in contact with the skin, to give excellent ventilation and comfort;