ASSOS zegho Amplify Sunglasses w/ yellow lenses

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Every athlete has to care for their eyes when they are actively participating in their sport. Yet, when it comes to sunglasses, each sport requires different qualities. The ASSOS Zegho Amplify sunglasses were designed specifically for cyclists on low lit days. The lens is curved independently for each eye so your vision is never distorted. The curve also protects your eyes from wind which can’t break through the edge of the lens which sits softly against your skin. It also protects from mud and rain coming at you from every direction. When it does rain, the water rolls off the lens quickly so it never fogs up or distorts your vision. Nothing can break through the Zegho Amplify, not even UV rays. ASSOS has designed a lens fade called TV-tunnel vision which adjusts the lens so you maintain clear vision as you enter into a dark area such as a tunnel. The frame is designed to fit comfortably on your face and it even stays in place as you sweat and shift your body. The nose pad keeps the glasses in place while never chafing your face. Around the lower and side part of the lens, there is no frame so you have perfect vision even as you turn your head to look behind. Hydrophobic self-clearing lens ensures the lens won’t fog and a detachable wraparound elastic wrap are great for running or any cycling event that requires you to jump on and off the bike. The leather like case protects these top level sunglasses as you are traveling to and from your road race, mountain bike race or triathlon.

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* Black Frame/Yellow Lens
* Carl Zeiss Vision TV-Tunnel View lens technology. Custom made for Zegho. Patent pending.
* Degree vision field of view, enabling you to “feel” your surroundings
* Zero optical distortion, certified optical class 1: Superior
* Water repellent
* Proadaptive skinTouch material ensures a stable fit, minimizing movement under sweaty, shock-filled conditions
* Zero Pressure--Adaptive, ultraflex composite frame, mathematically designed to calibrate the perfect ratio of material to shape
* Hydrophobic self-clearing lens technology
* 100% UV/elements protection
* HeadGrip--Detachable wraparound elastic strap - ideal for running and/or air jumps (duathlon, mtb, bmx)