ASSOS zegho Werkmannschaft w/ black lenses

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A pair of high quality sunglasses ensures clear vision by blocking away the elements while never compromising clarity. The wrap around lens of the ASSOS Zegho Werkmannschaft sunglasses protects eyes on the road or on the off-road trails. They can also be used while running because they stay securely in place. What stands out on the Zegho Werkmannschaft are the 6 cm deep lenses with a curve that arcs back at over 5 cm. The shape results in a set of lenses that completely shields your eyes from wind, rain and debris from every direction. The 100% UV protection shields from the damaging UV rays. No optical distortion with excellent depth of field offers sunglasses with clear perception of depth. There is never a doubt on the distance of other cyclists, cars, or objects that you encounter on your ride. The lens is treated with water-repellent treatment so the lenses will never fog up. ASSOS doesn’t polarize their lenses because polarization cuts down on the glare of a surface. As a cyclist, you want to see glare so you know when you are coming up on a puddle of water. The graduate tunnel vision lens is dark on the top and clear on the bottom. As you ride into a darker area simply tilt your head back slightly and you will see clearly. Rubberized grippers keep the sunglasses in place and the flexible arms grip well even with these exceptionally lightweight sunglasses. An excellent option for runners or mountain bikers is the HeadGrip which is a detachable wraparound elastic strap. The enclosed leather case protects these ASSOS sunglasses as you travel between competitions.

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* White Frame/Black Lens

* Carl Zeiss Vision TV-Tunnel View lens technology. Custom made for Zegho. Patent pending.
* Degree vision field of view, enabling you to “feel” your surroundings.
* Zero optical distortion, certified optical class 1: Superior
* Water repellent
* Proadaptive skinTouch material ensures a stable fit, minimizing movement under sweaty, shock-filled conditions
* Zero Pressure--Adaptive, ultraflex composite frame, mathematically designed to calibrate the perfect ratio of material to shape
* Hydrophobic self-clearing lens technology
* 100% UV/elements protection
* HeadGrip--Detachable wraparound elastic strap - ideal for running and/or air jumps (duathlon, mtb, bmx)