Castelli Cromo Glove - Women's

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The Castelli Cromo Glove is designed with a complex Castelli construction to protect from above freezing cold weather while still allowing your hands to move freely. Castelli’s Windstopper X-Fast fabric is designed to completely seal out wind and circulate enough air so your hands stay dry. A SmartHeat lining has been added to aid in keeping your hands dry by wicking and evaporating sweat. This lining also creates a second layer to insulate. Wipe your face with the smooth microsuede thumb panel and keep dry without chafing your skin.

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 * WindstopperR X-Fast fabric for wind protection

* Made for comfort in cold-weather riding
* SmartHeat lining manages moisture and adds warmth
* Wind-resistant and water-resistant fabric on palm
* Microsuede thumb panel
* 5°-14°C / 41°-57°F