Castelli Sorpasso Bibknicker

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The Castelli Sorpasso Bibknicker fits like a second skin and is made with fabric that keeps in your warmth without overheating you when you start to push your body on the bike and raise your body temperature. The secret is in the fabric. Theremoflex fabric has a 4-way stretch so it covers your legs with no extra material snagging on the seat or creating drag. These Castelli Bib-knickers are highly aerodynamic. On the front and on the knees, where you get most wind chill, the Thermoflex Core Due fabric is added to keep you warm. The Giro++ seamless straps on the bib keep the cycling bib-knickers in place without bunching up as you are leaned forward. Even though it is mentioned last, the Progetto X2 Air seat pad is still one of the qualities that makes these bib-knickers top quality cycling apparel. The word “air” is part of the name because this chamois pad allows air in the padding which makes it better able to absorb shock from the road. This extra air also ventilates keeping you fresh and dry. The X2 seat pad is multi-layered—thickest in areas that receive the most pressure and thinner in less pressured areas. This layering creates a seat pad that is protective without being excessively bulky.

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* Thermoflex Core Due fabric front and knee areas for extra protection
* Thermoflex back, lower legs and thighs for maximum stretch
* Giro++ seamless straps on bib
* Progetto X2 Air seat pad for comfort and improved airflow

* 12°-20°C / 57°-68°F