Castelli Illumina Knicker - Women's

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The Castelli Illumina Knicker is a ¾ tight for the woman cyclist who wants to ride her bike comfortably in the fall or not-so-cold winter weather. The Thermoflex fabric in these women’s knickers is on the warmer side, but Castelli has added inserts in a lighter-weight ribbed fabric so you don’t overheat. The Thermoflex and ribbed fabric combination not only keeps you warm, but it circulates air so your sweat evaporates and you stay dry. Staying dry is essential for comfort. The circulation of air also keeps your skin breathing. The waistband is lined with brushed polyester which keeps the knickers in place but still feels very soft against the skin. Silicone grippers at knees keep the tights from riding up the leg. The KISS3 Donna Seat Pad is designed to fit the contours specifically of the woman’s body. The seamless layer closest to the skin has a super soft, brushed microfiber top that improves the fit even further. The seat pad has maximum thickness and density in the ischial zone. It tapers down to moderate thickness in the perineum and minimum thickness at the perimeter. This design creates a seat pad that protects without unnecessary bulk. A bulky seat pad snags on the seat and can inhibit a smooth pedal stroke. Pedal without interruption in the Illumina Knicker.

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* Thermoflex fabric
* Silicone grippers at knees
* Brushed 100% polyester Riga 3D rib-knit inserts and waistband
* KISS3 Donna seat pad

* 12°-18°C / 54°-64°F