Castelli Velocissimo 2 Bibtight - No Pad

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SKU: M14574
Slip on the Castelli Velocissimo 2 Bibtight over your cycling shorts and you have the second layer that helps keep you cozy during the winter months. The Thermoflex fabric acts as a shield against the wind with an exceptionally soft inner insulating fabric that makes riding in the cooler temperatures pleasurable. The bib-tights are constructed so that air can flow through the fabric giving you excellent ventilation and wicking properties. You may start the ride being protected from chilly weather, but as the effort increases and the temperature rises your sweat will evaporate and your skin will breathe. The bibs are made with a highly breathable mesh so your sweat will not soak into the bibs that lie against your skin. GIRO3 ankle grippers comfortably seal in the tights at your ankles and they even seal around the shoecover so no skin is exposed. Reflective tape on the rear and at the ankle zippers increase your visibility to motorists as they pass you on those low-light, overcast winter days.

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* Thermoflex fabric for warmth and comfort
* Mesh bib straps for breathability
* GIRO3 ankle grippers lie flat and seal around shoecover
* Rear reflective piping
* Camlock ankle zippers with reflective tape for high visibility

* 6°-15° C / 43°-59° F