Castelli Sorpasso Women's Bibtight

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The Sorpasso Bibtight is Castelli’s best bib-tight on the market! Castelli has put its most advanced technologies together to create a pair of cycling bib-tights that keep the female cyclist warm as she is making performance level efforts. This means the Sorpasso is warm, highly aerodynamic and can manage a healthy body temperature so you can ride your bike at a very high intensity without overheating. The Thermoflex Core2 fabric keeps you warm and has excellent ventilation. But there is more to the story—this new Castelli fabric is avant garde! Made with hollow-core fibers, the Sorpasso is exceptionally light, it wicks and successfully evaporates sweat with extreme speed. You stay light and you stay dry in the Sorpasso. When you stay dry, your own body can maintain a healthy temperature so as to focus on pushing the pedals over the mountain ranges or against the coastal wind. The design of the Progetto X2 Air women’s-specific seat pad was set after being tested over 1000s of road kilometers. The Progetto X2 has three different parts to its construction. The piece closest to the skin is a soft, seamless layer with bacteriostatic treatment. It has a 4-way stretch that is made to adapt to the body as you shift your weight on the bike. No folds in the fabric occur and no chafing. The cushioning layer is made with multi-density foam that offers the most thickness in the areas that receive the most seat pressure. This thickness tapers down into thinner areas that need less cushioning. Perforated viscous comfort padding is added under the ischial bones and the perineum so you have maximum protection in these highly sensitive areas. Extra warmth is added with the Thermoflex waistband. Warmth is further ensured with the Giro3 ankle grippers that seal in the area between shoecovers or booties and the tights. No cold air seeps in at your ankles. Visibility is increased by the reflective tape at the ankle zippers making it safer to do what you love to do---ride your bike!

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* Thermoflex and Thermoflex Core2 fabric
* Progetto X2 Air women’s-specific seat pad for maximum comfort
* Thermoflex waistband for extra warmth
* GIRO3 ankle grippers lie flat and seal around shoecover
* Camlock ankle zippers with reflective tape for high visibility

* 0°-15°C / 32°-59°F