Castelli Diluvio Shoecover

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The 3mm Neoprene fabric of the Castelli Diluvio Shoecover will withstand the wettest and coldest winter riding conditions. The seams are thermo-sealed so no water or cold wind will seep into your comfort. For extra protection, the Velcro closure prevents water from running down your leg. To increase practicality, the cleat and heel areas are open for stability while walking. Pull the stretchy material easily over your cycling shoes. The Diluvio protects against cold, wet winter and fall weather while maintaining a light, aerodynamic structure.

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* Allover waterproof high-stretch neoprene
* Slip-on construction with Velcro closure
* Waterproof seam sealing
* Minimal bulk
* Reflective detailing on back
* Warm and comfortable in the rain

* 5°-16°C / 41°-60°F