Castelli Diluvio Glove

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The Castelli Diluvio Gloves keep your hands warm in cold, wet weather. Neoprene throughout is the ultimate insulator in these Castelli winter cycling gloves. Weather in temperatures nearing freezing will not stop you from riding your bike when you slip your cold sensitive hands into these cycling winter gloves. The neoprene cuff is extended down the wrist so there will be no open section between the sleeve of your cycling jacket and the gloves. The no-slip gripper on palm ensures your hands never lose grip even on days when the handlebars are moist with rain or snow.

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 * Neoprene insulation to keep your hands nice and warm

* No-slip gripper on palm
* Extended neoprene cuff to keep the wind and rain out
* 97g (PAIR) 4°-15°C / 39°-59°F