ASSOS LL.haBu Lady_S5 Tights

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In cold, winter weather, the ASSOS LL.haBu Lady_s5 Tights (Bib-Tights) retain your body heat while allowing full mobility. You can comfortably tuck deep down into your handlebars or accelerate out of the saddle. These tights fit perfectly against the skin. ASSOS has spent years perfecting the design and construction of cycling apparel for top level female athletes. Part of the perfection is due to fabrics that are designed by ASSOS engineers to adjust to the body of a cyclist leaned over their bike and sweating. The LL.haBu Lady_s5 Bib-Tight is made with the new RXQ fabric. RXQ is a low-volume, breathable material. Besides having top level thermal qualities, these bib-tights keep your skin fresh. There is even more to the complexity of the construction of these bib-tights: The fleece-like inner lining in the RXQ fabric creates 3D air channels which increases insulation without increasing weight; the RXQ fabric also keeps you dry by using the push-pull effect – when you sweat, the fabric absorbs and then evaporates the moisture. This invaluable quality helps to keep your body temperature stable. When you are at your ideal performance body temperature, you are in the position to make hard efforts and feel good.

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* Fourteen panels, six fabrics and fifteen components
* RXQ fabric, inner structure incorporates 3D air channels for better thermal properties
* New four-track panel
* Campionissimo AEPD
* 6-12 C (42-54F)