ASSOS T.tiburu_s7 Bib Short

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ASSOS is known to incorporate the most advanced level of fabric and design technology into the construction of its cycling apparel. This combination arguably makes the best cycling clothing for the cyclist who needs to be comfortable as they are pushing the limits. Whether you are climbing a mountain, settling into a pace for a time trial or speeding through the corners in a criterium, the ASSOS T.tiburu_s7 Bib Short are designed to keep you comfortable as you sweat and press the pedals with your cycling leg power so you ride fast. These bib-shorts are ideal for spring, fall and cooler summer days. When you combine these bib-tights with ASSOS knee or leg warmers, you have protection in the early winter months. In order to understand these performance-level cycling bib-shorts we’ll start with the fabrics which have been designed by ASSOS engineers. The main fabric is the 610.RX medium which is stretchy, insulating and water repelling. The 716.Stratagon in the lower abdomen blocks wind and also repels water. This ensures your bladder area is protected against the oncoming chilling wind. The combination of these fabrics creates a pair of bib-tights that is highly aerodynamic, keeps you warm and keeps you dry. Made with the Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design (A.E.P.D.), these ASSOS cycling bib-shorts fit perfectly and allow complete freedom to move. They have a panel at the front that won’t bunch up as you are leaned over on the bike. An elastic microfiber mesh inserted between the bib braces keeps the braces from slipping while creating an excellent overall fit of the shorts. The mesh insert that covers a large part of the back, increases evaporation and keeps you drier. The elastic leg gripper is placed outside of the shorts so it compresses your legs and keeps the shorts in place without any pinching of your skin.

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