Tifosi Dolomite 2.0 Sunglasses - Matte Black

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The Tifosi Dolomite 2.0 has three easy to interchange lenses—smoke, red and clear. The smoke lens decreases glare and does not distort color making it perfect for the cyclist, runner or any athlete who is outside when the sky is blue and the sun out. The red lens decreases glare, creates better depth perception and enhances visual contrast. You’ll visually mark loose gravel and sand, small cracks, potholes and even slick areas that can be dangerous zones. The clear lens is ideally used at night or when the skies are very overcast. The lenses are easy to interchange so you can carry different lenses on your rides and be ready for any light changes. The lenses are highly resistant to wind and damaging sun rays. Optically de-centered, there is no distortion so you see things clearly. The streamlined shape of the lens allows air to flow over smoothly. Vented lens keeps the fog from settling into the sunglasses. In case of a crash, the lenses will flex and not shatter making them safe. The frame is nearly indestructible because it bends without breaking. Adding to the high function of the sunglasses are the hydrophilic ear and temple which are adjustable therefore making them a perfect fitting pair of sunglasses.
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* Smoke (15.4 LT), Red (41.4 LT) & Clear Lens (95.6 LT)
* Extremely high alternative bending strength
* Low density
* High resistance to chemical and UV damage
* Lenses flex instead of shatter upon impact
* Optically decentered without distortion
* Glare Guard offers 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays
* Grilamid TR90 is virtually indestructible
* Adjustable hydrophilic ear and temple
* Vented lens
* Plastic Frame
* Non-Polarized
* Includes a hard shell zippered case and microfiber cleaning bag

* Case Included