ASSOS bonkaGlove_evo7

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The ASSOS bonkaGlove_evo7 is designed to manage hand warmth in very cold weather. The ASSOS airBlock fabric keeps cold air from breaking through the gloves. The same fabric has a water-repellent treatment so wind and water are blocked out making this ASSOS cycling glove ideal for winter weather. Neoprene cuff at the wrist keeps chilly wind from entering into the cycling glove. The padding is layered so you have maximum protection in areas you need it most. The padding minimizes in areas you don’t need the padding so in the end the padding absorbs the shock of the road while still allowing your hand to have full contact with your handlebars.

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* Assos airBlock fabric
* Multi-density padding
* Low volume neoprene cuff
* CAMPIONISSIMO AEPD low volume, high thermal resistance, cycling optimized ergonomics. 
* Abrasion resistant palm with grip function