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The Assos bonkaSock_evo7 has all the qualities you need to keep your feet warm and comfortable when riding your bike during the cooler months. Merino wool, a naturally thermal fabric that wicks sweat, is combined with bioceramic so you have extra thermal insulation. The Lycra fabric compresses to ensure the sock fits like a second skin which you need when you are wearing stiff cycling shoes. The compression also stimulates blood flow which keeps your feet from numbing in the cold weather. Polyamide yarn absorbs and wicks sweat so your feet stay dry even after you begin to sweat. Anti-bacterial treatment has been added so your feet stay healthy and germ free. For colder weather, slip a pair of ASSOS cycling shoecovers over your cycling shoes.

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 * Merino wool mixed with bioceramic.

* Lycra inserts promote blood circulation. 
* Polyamide yarn provides moisture resistance.
* Campionissimo AEPD