ASSOS fuguHelm Helmet Cap

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When you wear the new ASSOS fuguHelm Helmet Cap your head is insulated in cold weather and no need to sport anything else on your head other than cycling helmet. Double layered construction provides full protection. RXQ fabric on the inside creates warmth and airblock fabric on the outside blocks wind. Water is repelled by the stratagonUltra laminated fabric. Cold, wet, windy weather will not reach your head as you ride your bike in the winter elements. When your head sweats under the helmet, you don’t need to worry about the chill moisture brings to your body. ASSOS designed a ventilation system at the front and top. Air circulates within the cap to dry out sweat and keep your head from overheating. While the cap covers your cold sensitive ears, sound can penetrate a heat-insulating 3D honeycomb mesh ear panel so your hearing is not impaired. Sunglasses stay put in the eyewear position holders and the Visor keeps sun out of your eyes.

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* Two-layer hat construction: ASSOS RXQ fabric inside for warmth, ASSOS airBlock & ASSOS stratagonUltra water repelling laminated textile outside
* Ventilation system front & top keeps you drier and enhances temperature stability of your head
* Improved hearing thanks to built-in, heat-insulating 3D honeycomb mesh ear panel
* Eyewear position holders
* DryFast Visor
* Reflective stripe on back
* Sizes: I (59 cm head circumference), II (61 cm head circumference)