ASSOS LL.haBu Lady_s5 Bib Tight - no insert

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The ASSOS ll.habu_s5 lady bib tight without seat pad can be worn as a second layer not only over cycling shorts, but they can also be used when running, skiing, snowboarding or when pursuing any other outdoor winter sport. Made with the new RXQ fabric, the long bib tights are soft and warm on the inside. Yet, besides comfortable warmth, the RXQ fabric has more to its construction. Breathable, low weight with a 4-way stretch, the bib tights keep you warm and dry while fitting you a second skin. The warmth, low weight and breath-ability results from the 3D air channel structure that traps air close to your body. This extra air brings extra insulation with very little extra weight. The texture also allows air to circulate through the fabric. The circulating air allows your skin to breath and it helps the fabric to wick away sweat. The construction of the fabric is only the first part of these very high quality pair of cycling bib tights. ASSOS has designed the ll.habu_s5 lady bib tight specifically for the woman’s body in motion. The knee area has the most attention because it was designed after thousands of miles of testing. The result is really good pleating in the knee area which has the most movement. There is no friction or skin irritation. The other quality to be brought to the attention of the woman cyclist is the nearly crease free construction of the entire bib tights. This results in complete freedom of movement without any unwanted chafing of the skin. Lastly, the ASSOS stratagonUltra airblock panel covering the abdominal area adds more insulation which helps when you need to pee. These tights alone withstand chilly weather ranging from 46 to 61F (8-16C).

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* Campionissimo AEPD fits woman’s body when in the tucked position.
* Total freedom of movement. No excess material means most effective body temperature control and total comfort when riding.
* The new ASSOS RXQ fabric is has 3D air channel structure within fabric which creates a next-to-body micro air cushion, resulting in increased heat    retention and dryness by lowering volume and thickness.
* ASSOS stratagonUltra airblock panel covers the abdominal area: protecting from chilly winds.
* Comfort Zone:  45-61F (8-16 C)