Castelli Promessa Sleeveless Jersey

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The sleeveless cycling jersey is a great option to have when you want to ride your bike and it’s hot outside. The 2015 Castelli Promessa Sleeveless Jersey is made with a dual-layer knit fabric that wicks and then evaporates sweat. By staying dry, your body is better able to maintain an ideal performance body temperature which allows you to ride hard in the heat without overheating. Not only does the Promessa Sleeveless Jersey keep you comfortably dry, but the flow of air that circulates through the Stratus Plus fabric and the breathable mesh side panels keeps you feeling cool despite high temperatures and hard efforts. The close-knit fabric tailors this sleeveless women’s cycling jersey so that it fits flawlessly. This fit accentuates the femininity of a woman’s body and enables a woman ride more smoothly through the wind. Open up the ¾ length zipper for extra cool air. In the 3 rear pockets there is plenty of room to easily store GUs, energy bars or whatever keeps you fueled during summer training rides.

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* Stratus Plus dual-layer knit fabric actively wicks moisture from your skin
* Heat-transfer Castelli logo
* 3/4-length zip
* 3 rear pockets
* Mesh panels for added breathability
* Temperature ranges 65-95 F (17-35C)