Castelli Sanremo 3.0 Speed Suit

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If you’re striving to shave off every second against the clock, the 2015 Castelli Sanremo 3.0 Speed Suit is arguably the fastest speed suit ever designed for the road racer. This Speed Suit was chosen by the Italian National Team for the Road World Championships because of its lightweight and aerodynamic design. The Sanremo 3.0 gives you the advantage of 24 watts in a 40 km TT over an hour period. When you are racing, this time-saving can make a difference. In order to design such a fast piece of cycling clothing, Castelli paid close attention to every detail when they combined the Aero Race 5.0, their fastest cycling jersey, along with the Body Paint bib-shorts, their fastest bib-shorts. The jersey and bib-shorts are sewn together at the back and sides, but at the front they are open. This design combines the top and bottom while allowing the maximum amount of ventilation. It also removes bib straps so you move without any restriction. Freedom to move is another advantage of wearing this Castelli body suit. The full zip allows you to be as comfortable as when you ride in a normal cycling jersey. Castelli recognizes that when the top area behind the neck bunches up, time is lost. For this reason, they made the back with a very stretchy collar that fits close to your neck so air flows with no interruption. Castelli has used five different fabrics that are placed into different parts of the speed suit so that the speed suit keeps you aerodynamic but comfortable at the same time. Velocity fabric on the front is aerodynamic while breathable transparent fabric on the back keeps you dry. This mesh-like fabric won’t stick to you when you sweat, one more plus on the comfort scale. Like a traditional cycling jersey, the Sanremo 3.0 has three pockets in the back, but the compression band around the waist keeps these pockets in place even when they are loaded down. The top of the pockets has an elasticated band that keeps them from opening up and letting in unwanted air. The Progetto X2 is Castelli’s top-of-the-line seat pad that was tested for years by pro riders. It’s made of three layers. The part in contact with the skin has a 4-way seamless stretch that allows air to flow freely keeping you cool and dry. The seamless component reduces chafing, even on long rides. Bacteriostatic treatment offers a clean seat pad not susceptible to bacterial infection. The second hidden layer has padding of variable thicknesses with the thickest being 12 mm thick under the seat bones and high pressure areas. Perforated viscous comfort inserts increase breathability. This design protects you in 100+ mile rides. The dimpled leg ending improves aerodynamics. You’ll love this ending because it doesn’t have elastic so you don’t even feel it, but the silicone keeps the shorts in place. The Sanremo 3.0 has a snug fit which guarantees aerodynamics for the cyclist who wants to ride fast.

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* The most aero option for road racing
* Body Paint lower portion combined with new Aero Race 5.0 upper portion
* Full zip with overlapping front opening
* 3 rear pockets with limited-stretch back keeps pockets in place
* Progetto X2 Air seat pad
* Possibly the fastest bit of kit ever invented for road racing...now even faster
* 17°-35°C / 62-95°F