Castelli Free Aero Race Short - 2015

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The Castelli Free Aero Race Short may be the lightest and coolest cycling shorts on the market. Cycling shorts are a great choice for the cyclist who doesn’t feel comfortable confined by bibs. If you are a competitive cyclist, the Free Aero Race is the cycling shorts to choose because it has all the qualities needed to stay comfortable when you are riding fast. After spending nearly a century designing cycling clothing, Castelli has learned to combine the right fabrics for the ideal cycling racing shorts. The Aero Race short is constructed with three fabrics, all with a specific job. The front panel, made with Breathe Micro, circulates fresh air so you stay cool. The side panels, made with a stretchy Energia Micro fabric, have a smooth surface for air to easily flow over. The durable Action Micro fabric at the inner leg prolongs the life span of the cycling shorts which don’t wear down from the abrasion caused by legs rubbing against saddle. The inner leg is also comfortable because there are no seams. The flatlock seams in the remainder of the shorts have been stitched together so you barely notice them. Further increasing comfort with construction that feels very smooth against the skin is the GIRO3 single-layer engineered gripper which keeps the shorts in place without pinching skin. Staying dry on days you sweat is also crucial for comfort. Castelli's Prosecco hydrophilic treatment spreads sweat across the surface area so that it evaporates quickly and you stay dry. The Progetto X2 Air is Castelli’s most race-ready chamois pad. Because it’s carefully constructed to ensure you have the padding where you need it the most, you are comfortable in short fast rides and on 100+ mile centuries. The Progetto X2 also has a breathable design so that air flows through, keeping you cool and dry.
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* No inner-leg seam
* Color-matched GIRO3 single-layer engineered gripper
* 2 rear reflective inserts
* Progetto X2 Air seat pad for famous X2 comfort and improved airflow
* COMFORT ZONE 17°-35°C / 62-95°F