Castelli Free Aero Race Bib Short KV

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The Castelli Garmin-Sharp professional racers need cycling clothing that is lightweight, fits well without constricting movement, and dries quickly. The Castelli Free Aero Race Bib Short Kit Version has all these qualities which is why the Garmin-Sharp team races and wins in these bib shorts. The three main fabrics in the Aero Race bib short were designed by Castelli, a company that has been perfecting making cycling clothing for bike racers for nearly 100 years. The front of the shorts is made with Breath Micro, a highly breathable fabric that stimulates air flow so you stay dry and you don’t overheat. Cooling is also designed into the bibs, the front of which are cut lower so more air can circulate. Dryness is further improved with Castelli’s Prosecco hydrophilic treatment that spreads out moisture so that it evaporates quickly. Keeping dry is essential on days you want to push your body to ride fast. Castelli paid attention to the demand for bib shorts that help a cyclist ride faster. The sides are made with Castelli’s stretchy Energia Micro fiber which creates a very aerodynamic surface. Besides helping to ride faster, the bib shorts also have a compressive quality which stimulates blood flow. Blood carries out lactic acid from the muscles and brings in oxygen. The compression, in the end, helps to speed up recovery. The Action Micro fabric on the inside of the legs is a very durable fabric that withstands the abrasion of constant contact with the seat. This means, you get many miles from these bib shorts. The Progetto X2 Air seat pad is designed to protect on those very long rides and races. What’s so unique about the Progetto X2 is the level of support you get riding on a seat pad that you barely feel. After years of testing, Castelli discovered what thickness of padding was needed, how to increase air flow and what material was most comfortable against the most sensitive part of the body. The seamless skin layer conforms to the shape of the seat and the body. It also allows air to flow so you stay dry. Castelli added a bacteriostatic treatment which guards your health by keeping away debilitating infection. The softness probably makes it the most comfortable chamois you’ll ever ride in. The second cushioning layer has padding with variable thickness. In the area of the seat bones where you have the most pressure, there is the most padding. The padding gradually thins so you have a seat pad that protects without unwanted bulk. At the bottom of the bib shorts, the GIRO3 single-layer engineered gripper has a wide band that is knitted directly into the shorts and has the amazing capacity to keeps the legs from riding up without pinching. Thinking about a top level racer and a rider out on a long ride, Castelli built in a race-ready radio pocket that can also be used to store an MP3 player. Comfort, performance, and a sleek appearance have been carefully designed into this cycling garment so as to make a pair of bib-shorts worn by some of the top professional racers in the peloton and that are now available to you.
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* Famous Free bib keeps your chest free to prevent overheating
* No inner-leg seam
* Color-matched GIRO3 single-layer engineered gripper
* 2 rear reflective inserts
* Progetto X2 Air seat pad for famous X2 comfort and improved airflow
* COMFORT ZONE 17°-35°C / 62-95°F