Castelli Inferno Bib Short

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Castelli Cannondale-Garmin racing team required cycling clothing to keep them cool during the hot summer stage races in France and Italy. Castelli came forward and gave Garmin riders the Inferno Bib Short which is made with seven fabrics carefully placed in the right spots so that air circulates to keep the racer cool and dry. The breathable, lightweight fabric gives the feeling that air is directly blowing against the skin, a very nice sensation to have when the temperatures are soaring into the hot zone. Air circulates and keeps you cool through the perforated side panels. These same panels are also stretchy adding to the aerodynamic quality needed by the Garmin racing team. The bib shorts have a slightly tight fit, but the elasticity allows the shorts to adjust to body shape and give a racer that aerodynamic advantage. Castelli added compressive rib knit construction panels to support working muscles. The compression helps stimulate blood flow and increase recovery time. The front and rear panels feature a polyester/Lycra blend, another fabric that compresses muscles. Highly aerodynamic functional cycling clothing was demanded by the Cannondale-Garmin riders and they got this in the Inferno Bib Short. The Progetto X2 Air seat pad is Castelli’s top-of-the-line chamois pad designed for intense racing over long periods of time—100+ miles. The seat pad is multi-layered so air circulates keeping you fresh. Castelli inserted the Progetto X2 Air which can conform to the anatomy of the racer as well as to when the rider shifts weight on the bike. The second layer has varying padding so the areas that receive the most pressure have the most padding. The padding thins out gradually. This style of creating a chamois pad gives the maximum needed padding with the minimal amount of bulk—the ideal design for a racer who is tucked deep in the handle bars. Castelli’s care in making this cycling clothing comfortable extends even to the GIRO3 single-layer engineered leg gripper. The fabric has such excellent elasticity that the leg gripper keeps the shorts in place without pinching. Comfortable, lightweight and highly breathable fabric makes this a race-fit pair of cycling bib shorts.

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* The ultimate short for racing and riding in hot conditions
* 7 different fabrics to bring maximum cooling to each specific part of the short
* GIRO3 single-layer engineered leg gripper
* Race radio pocket
* Progetto X2 Air seat pad for famous X2 comfort and improved airflow
* Use of sunscreen is recommended
* COMFORT ZONE 17°-35°C / 62-95°F