Castelli Velocissimo Due Bib Short KV

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The Castelli Velocissimo Due Bib Short Kit Version has a great fit made for the rider who is just starting out in racing as well as for the committed cyclist who rides with the intention of going fast. The Affinity Lycra is found in many of Castelli’s top-level bib shorts. It has a stretch rebound quality which guarantees the shape is never compromised. The shorts always move with you. They never bunch or rub against your skin no matter what position you are in on the bike. The 10-panel construction gives you a second-skin fit without restricting movement. These very well fitting bib shorts are great especially when your goal is to ride fast. Castelli added the Giro3 leg band with elastic that is sewn into the fabric for a smooth transition area from skin to shorts without having any elastic pinching the skin. The mesh bibs are breathable so they stay dry. The last thing you want are sweaty bibs sticking to your skin. You’ll barely notice the bibs in the Velocissimo Due which stays dry and gives you the advantage of bibs without any of the restrictions normally associated with a bib. The KISS3 seat pad protects the rider on faster rides. The layer closest to the skin in the KISS3 is seamless, with a super soft microfiber top which cuts down on chafing. The second layer is the padding which Castelli designed after years of studying what happens to the cyclist as they are riding a bike. Padding is thickest in the ishial zone, the pubic area that bears the most body weight. The padding tapers to moderate thickness in the perineum which is the area behind the ischial zone. Padding tapers even more to a minimum thickness at the perimeter where you need the least padding. Because the padding is tapered, there is the right amount of padding needed for complete comfort. With a minimally padded seat pad, you can pedal without having a bulky seat pad snagging on your clothing.

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* Exceptional fit and comfort thanks to 10-panel construction in Affinity Lycra® 210g fabric
* Giro3 leg band elastic grips leg without binding
* KISS3 seat pad for all-day comfort
* Mesh bibs
* Reflective band at back of legs
* COMFORT ZONE 17°-33°C / 62-92°F