Castelli Volo Bib Short

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The Castelli Volo Bib Short was named “Volo” because the word means “I am flying” in Italian. You will fly in the Volo as you are tucked down and riding away from a chasing peloton. The Affinity Lycra® fabric is stretchy and very lightweight, two qualities required in cycling clothing for racers. Castelli also adjusted the way it cut the angles in the shorts so the rider gets an even better fit while tucked over in the riding position. The shorts stretch as your muscles contract and then always rebound to their original shape. No cloth in the short will bunch up and snag on your seat. The Volo bib short fits your body perfectly whether you are streaming along a coastline or pushing your limits on a climb. Castelli has added the new Affinity BLC textured fabric on legs making the shorts even more aerodynamic. The Volo keeps you dry. The breathable fabric in these bib shorts dries quickly and keeps you cool. This quality keeps you comfortable in very warm as well as slightly chilly weather. The versatility of these bib shorts is another quality that increases their value. Castelli has closed the seams with flat-lock stitching which is exceptionally comfortable against the skin. The mesh straps are breathable and soft against the skin, another plus on the comfort scale. The new Giro Air engineered mesh gripper has a better grip over a larger area so your skin won’t get pinched.

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* KISS3 seat pad for all-day comfort
* Affinity Lycra® fabric on inside of leg for outstanding stretch and rebound
* Affinity BLC textured fabric on legs for better aerodynamics
* Giro Air engineered mesh gripper
* Flat-lock stitching
* Mesh straps for comfort and breathability
* Improved form-fit cut for cycling position
* Reflective detailing on back
* 62.5-95 F (17°-35°C )