Castelli Free Aero Bib Short - Women's

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For the woman who strives to bring in every advantage out on the race course, the sleek Castelli Free Aero Women’s Bib Short is arguably the fastest pair of women’s bib shorts. Cycling Magazine named these Castelli bib shorts the best of the best because they have everything a performance rider looks for in shorts-- perfect fit and exceptional comfortable. The comfort derives from fabric that circulates air, keeping you fresh and cool. The perfect fit is the result of a compressive fabric that rebounds and adjusts to a woman’s constantly changing position on the bike. Three of Castelli’s best fabrics are combined in the right places. The stretchy Energia Micro Fabric is used on the sides and the back, the areas that require the smoothest surface for air to flow over. The inner leg is engineered with the compressive Forza fabric. These compressive fabrics allows shorts to rebound when they are not stretched. No short will bunch up and crease. Instead, the shorts will always cover every inch of your body, no matter your body shape or position on the bike. Breathe fabric is used on the front of the shorts, the area you sweat the most. Breathe fabric is designed to circulate air and keep you cool and dry. If you are going to ride hard, your cycling clothing needs to be designed to keep you cool and dry and the Castelli Free Aero Women’s bib-short does this job. The Action Micro Fiber is a very durable fabric placed on the seat area that has contact with the saddle. This fiber extends the life of the shorts, making the purchase of the Free Aero a worthwhile investment. Comfort is added with seamless inner legs and the single-layered leg gripper keeps the shorts in place without pinching the skin. The Progetto X2 seat pad is Castelli’s top of the line chamois pad. Tested for years by professional racers, Castelli finally found the right combination of padding and material to create a surface that eliminates saddle sores on 100+ miles rides. At the same time, the padding is minimal enough so it doesn’t get snagged on the seat as the female rider is in and out of the saddle attacking and riding at high speeds. In the Castelli Free Aero Women’s Bib-Short, the committed woman cyclist will ride comfortably on endurance rides and comfortably fast in races.

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* Famous Free bib keeps your chest free to prevent overheating
* Vortex dimpled fabric on legs for aero performance
* Forza fabric with 30% Lyrca® on inner legs for perfect fit
* Carre engineered lie flat bib strap for minimal coverage and maximum protection
* No inner-leg seam
* Color-matched GIRO3 single-layer engineered gripper
* 2 rear reflective inserts
* Flatlock stitching
* Progetto X2 Air seat pad for famous X2 comfort and improved airflow
* COMFORT ZONE 17°-35°C / 62-95°F