Castelli Velocissima Short

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The cycling short is favored by many women cyclists because without the bibs it makes breaks in the middle of a bike ride much faster and easier. The Castelli Velocissima Short has all the same comfort qualities as the Castelli Velocissima Bib Short but without the bibs. The Endurance Evolution fabric supports muscles as they are working hard on the bike. The fabric also has the ability to absorb and evaporate sweat very quickly keeping you dry and comfortable even on those hot summer days. The soft texture is another quality that makes these shorts very comfortable on long rides. The leg grippers are flat and wide which eliminates the pinch of the traditional elastic leg grippers. The Velocissimo leg grippers are very soft and comfortable against the skin so you pedal in complete comfort. The waist also lies flat against the skin without elastic making these shorts very comfortable as you are leaned over in the cycling position. The KISS3 seat pad is shaped to fit a woman’s anatomy so the padding is thickest where it cushions the seat bones ensuring comfort as you pedal your bike on those long weekend rides. The padding thins out where there is less pressure on the body so you have the maximum protection only where you need it the most.

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* Endurance Evolution fabric provides optimum muscle support and feels drier in nearly all conditions
* Reflective band at back of legs
* KISS3 women’s specific seat pad for all-day comfort
* Giro3 lie flat leg elastic grips leg without binding
* Flat form waist construction front and back
* 17°-33°C / 62.6-91.4°F