Castelli Evoluzione Short - Women's

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The goal of Castelli when they designed the Evoluzione Women’s Short was to keep the female cyclist cool and dry in the summer months. They created and used their new top-of-the-line ProDry 2Strati fabric which has two very functional layers—the first absorbs sweat, the second evaporates it. The process is fast and the woman cyclist riding in the Evoluzione stays dry all the time. The fabric also circulates fresh air which helps a lot when it’s hot. The eight-panel construction covers the woman’s curves in motion and doesn’t allow material to bunch up. Even though it fits well, the shorts wouldn’t be classified as high-end race cycling shorts because they have a slightly more relaxed fit making them perfect for those longer rides to burn calories, put in base miles or just to have fun riding in a group of good cycling friends. The layers are sewn together with double stitching to keep the shorts together over many months of long endurance rides. These women’s shorts have a long life. Leg grippers made with silicone that’s sewn into a mold keep the shorts from riding up without gripping legs uncomfortably. Everything in these shorts is about comfort. The KISS3 seat pad is another addition to the comfort you will find in these women’s cycling shorts. The layer closest to the skin is soft and air can circulate and keep you dry. A bacteriostatic treatment keeps germs away. The padding layer is woman specific and thicker in the seat bone area where the woman receives the most pressure as she is riding her bike. The padding then gradually thins out, resulting in a chamois for the woman who is pedaling with the intention of getting somewhere. The padding isn’t bulky, but it has enough padding for complete comfort for the female cyclist dedicated to riding her bike.

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* Engineering breakthrough in comfort and performance
* New ProDry 2Strati fabric provides exceptional moisture management
* 8-panel anatomic construction
* Kiss3 seat pad for proven comfort
* Innovative InMold silicone leg gripper with clean edge finish