Castelli Bellissima Knicker

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On cool days, the Castelli Bellissima Knickers cover knees in a fitting comfortable pair of knickers. The Bellissima knickers have a beautiful design which is what bellissima means in Italian. These Castelli cycling knickers fit like a second skin and have a highly breathable fabric which keeps you fresh and dry. Comfort is enhanced the KISS4 seat pad that protects on endurance rides. Made with a nylon/Lycra combination, the Bellissima cycling shorts are aerodynamic and the compression actually helps stimulate circulation. By increasing circulation, you recover faster and can ride longer with less fatigue. The same fabric circulates air keeping your skin breathing. The breathable fabric also keeps you dry which you need if you want to preserve a healthy performance body temperature. Castelli designed the KISS4 Air women’s seat pad specifically to fit the shape of a woman’s body. The seat pad is multi-layered. The skin layer is seamless and exceptionally soft. This combination minimizes chafing. A bacteriostatic treatment has been added to keep away bacteria. The padding layer has maximum padding in the ischial bone area, the site of most seat pressure. The padding then thins down to moderate thickening in the perineum and thins down even more at the perimeter. This design is based off of the anatomy of a woman so she has the right padding in the right places.

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* 62% Nylon / 38% Elastane-Lycra
* Flat-lock stitching
* Mesh insert behind knee
* Printed waist band
* New improved KISS4 Air women’s-specific seat pad for proven comfort