CatEye Loop Front and Rear Light Set

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If you are a diehard cyclist who trains early in the morning before your work day starts, the CatEye Loop Front and Rear Lights emit light in every direction. Visibility increases and so does safety. The CatEye loop lights are easy to attach securely to handlebars, seat posts, backpack or anywhere you wish to bring more light to your surroundings. The push-button operation gives you two choices- constant or flashing mode. In constant mode, battery lasts 30 hours. In flashing mode, battery lasts 50 hours.
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* Pair of front and tail safety lights with LED bulbs
* Elastic mount attaches to any part of bike
* Unique design throws light in nearly all directions
* Simple pushbutton operation; powerful constant and flashing modes
* Run time of 30 hours (constant) or 50 hours (flashing)