CatEye Volt 300 with RapidX Light Set

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The Volt300 is a 300 lumen USB headlight. Depending on the type of visibility you strive for, you can choose from five features: High, normal, low, hyper constant and flashing. Mount on your handlebars or helmet and the road will be lit up to the point that you will see even small details clearly. Spare cartridge batteries ensure visibility on long rides and commuting. The USB Rechargeable Rapid X has a strong shine with incredible side visibility. When the battery is low, the “Auto Save” function changes the light pattern from the current mode to flashing when the battery is low. This feature provides an additional hour of riding safety.
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Front Light:
* Light Source:High intensity white LED X2
* Lumens: 150
* Battery: Li-ion rechargeable battery (3.6V-6200mAh), Recharges about 300 times until the rated capacity drops to 70%
* Dynamic Mode: approx 2hrs
* Normal mode: approx 5hrs
* All-Night mode: approx 17.5hrs
* Hyper Constant mode: approx 14.5hrs
* Flashing mode: approx 100hrs
* Recharge Time: Approx 8-14 hrs  80% full recharge in 10hrs.

Rear Light:
* Light Source: COB LED
* Battery: Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
* High mode: 1 hr
* Low mode?5 hrs
* Flashing mode?30 hrs
* Rapid mode?16 hrs
* Pulse mode?16 hrs
* Vibration mode: 8 hrs
* Recharge Time: 2 hrs (USB recharge)