Sidi Drako SRS Push Shoe - Black

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The SIDI Drako SRS Push Mountain Bike Shoe exhibits SIDI’s latest advances in cycling shoe technology. The Drako is lighter without losing any stiffness. It is also easier to adjust to an exact fit so your comfort is never compromised. The components in the Drako mountain bike shoe have been upgraded to offer a top-of-the-line cycling shoe that secures the foot so the mountain biker has a platform to direct all his leg power into the pedals to get over the trail’s obstacles. The Techno-3 PUSH is one of SIDI’s advances in cycling shoe design that perfects fit. The wire in the ratchet allows the rider to tailor the shoe to just the right tension. Lifting the buckle in the closures facilitates easy-on-the-bike adjustments. Two Techno 3 precision ratchet closures—one at the top and the other in the middle of the shoe—independently micro-adjusts the shoe so you have an exact fit across the forefoot and the toe. Adjustments can also be made in the soft instep enclosure, a strap that evenly distributes pressure on the insole. Adjusting the enclosure on two sides exacts an even pressure so more leg power is used to ride faster. This quality also makes riding on the trails, no matter how technical, more comfortable. Both the instep enclosure and the Techno 3 are replaceable. The Drako lasts long and is most definitely a good investment. The Drako Carbon SRS Sole is SIDI’s latest in sole design. Comfort is combined with the right amount of stiffness in the Drako Carbon Sole which is 100 grams lighter than its predecessor. The pure carbon sole is stiff with just enough flexion in the toe so riders can dance on the pedals as they climb a mountain or hop over logs and never suffer from foot cramps. In the heel, a device has been installed so the foot is secured into the shoe which is another quality that optimizes efficiency. Soft insoles increase comfort and the anti-bacterial treatment fights infection. The upper part of the toe area is rubberized to deflect flying debris when cycling. Grippy tread blocks are in the toe and the heel.

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* SIDI’s TECNO-3 PUSH dials in fit along the entire length of the shoe, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot for a customized fit.
* The Drako Carbon SRS Sole with exclusive replaceable cleat wear plate.
* Two Techno 3 precision ratchet closures independently micro-adjust fit across forefoot and toe.
* Adjustable Heel Retention Device: Eliminates heel lift for optimized pedaling efficiency.
* Adjustable Soft Instep Closure System and padded tongue eliminate pressure points.
* Grippy, replaceable tread blocks.
* Integrated Rubber Toe Guard.
* Comfort Fit insoles with memory foam for lightweight support and an antibacterial treatment.