Sidi Cape MTB Shoe - Yellow Flou

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The SIDI Cape Mountain Bike Shoe secures the foot into the shoe, protects the foot from debris, directs leg power into the pedals and ensures the foot is comfortable. The first feature to mention is the mountain bike competition sole which is stiff with a slight flexion that allows the foot to bend just enough so blood flows and the foot remains cramp free. In the sole, the rider can also install toe/heel spikes for use in wet, muddy terrain. The second feature to mention is the Caliper Buckle that can be tightened down gradually one buckle at a time until the rider finds the perfect fit. When the rider wants to open the shoe, both side buckles can be lifted and the shoe opens immediately. Once closed, the Caliper Buckle locks in the foot no matter how much effort you make or how long you ride. The Techno 3 Precision Ratchet is another feature that helps the rider find that exact fit. While the Caliper Buckle adjusts the upper part of the shoe, the Techno 3 adjusts the middle to lower parts of the shoe. The Ratchet includes a wire that makes the adjustments smooth, exact and easy enough so they can be adjusted as you are riding your bike. The Techno 3 is replaceable and serviceable. The stiff heel cup securely closes the back of the shoe around the heel which increases power and improves comfort.

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* A brand new mountain bike shoe in the Sidi lineup.
* Features a MTB Competition Sole.
* Tecno 3 Precision Ratchet closure independently micro-adjust fit across forefoot and toe.
* Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening.
* Great traditional Sidi quality and construction!
* Bold new color offerings!