Sidi Dominator Fit Women's Shoe - White

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The SIDI Dominator Fit Shoe is for the woman who needs a mountain bike shoe to help her bunny hop over obstacles on a trail, power through deep sand or take on any of the challenges rider faces off road. The stiff heel and sole of the shoe lead a woman’s leg power into moving the bike forward on the trail. It also has features that allow a woman to find the exact fit so performance is combined with comfort. Lastly, these mountain bike shoes are durable. They are tough against trail debris, mud, and the wear of trail riding. Now the details: Water roles off the Technomicro microfiber in the Dominator. Since it dries fast, the foot is comfortable and the shoe doesn’t degrade from moisture. Abrasion and mildew won’t settle into the shoe. The Dominator has a long life making it a good long term investment. Mesh in the upper is very breathable so your foot stays cool. The shoe construction is stiff enough to ensure power is transferred into the pedals, but the shoes are forgiving enough to give the foot some flexion so it doesn’t cramp. The stiff SIDI Heel cup surrounds the heel just above the cutaneous so there is not heel slip. The stiffness in the heel also helps the shoe from deforming even after miles of intense off road riding. The nylon outer sole in the competition sole has outstanding stiffness so leg power gets transferred directly into the pedals. Water does not get absorbed by the sole therefore it maintains its stiffness even on very wet rides. It has the standard 2-hole SPD style cleat mounting as well as 2 spike threaded inserts for those slippery wet days. Lock the Caliper Buckle and the foot stays in place. The woman mountain biker can easily make on the bike incremental adjustments to tighten or loosen the buckle. The High Security Velcro won’t slip adding one more trait into the Dominator to make sure the rider stays connected to bike. Comfort is added with the Soft Instep Closure system with padded tongue that eliminates any pressure points.

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* Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening.
* Adjustable Soft Instep Closure System and padded tongue eliminate pressure points.
* High Security Velcro® won’t shift or slip.
* Breathable, supple and durable vented Technomicro microfiber upper with cooling mesh panels.