Sidi Buvel MTB Shoe - Orange Flou/Black

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The comfort felt while riding in the Sidi Buvel MTB Shoe is an advantage for mountain bike riders who face many obstacles as they brave riding off road. This SIDI mountain bike shoe supports and balances the foot for total comfort and efficient power transfer. Qualities such as the rubber toe and stiff heel cup protect the foot from rocks, tree limbs and any of nature’s additional barriers. The competition mountain bike sole has all the traits needed to ride off road fast and comfortably. Designed with SIDI’s well-known sole stiffness, the sole transfers leg power cleanly and directly to the pedals Yet, it is forgiving enough to allow some foot flexion which keeps the blood circulating through the foot. The rider can find the exact fit by adjusting several features offered in the shoe. The Caliper Buckle can be tightened or loosened one tooth at a time. The Buckle can also be replaced which extends the life of the Buvel mountain bike shoe. The locking polymer teeth in the Dual Velcro® straps which are located lower on the foot make the closure more secure. Thin padding on the underside of the straps adds to the comfort level of these cycling shoes. At the back of the shoe, a rigid cup surrounds the heel. This enveloping structure keeps the foot from sliding and it protects the back of the foot in case of a crash. The strong structure of the heel cup also preserves the life of the shoe by ensuring the heel area doesn’t deform.

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* A brand new mountain bike shoe in the Sidi lineup.
* Features a MTB Competition Sole.
* Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening.
* Dual Velcro® straps for easy forefoot adjustment.
* External, reinforced heel cup for superior fit and power transfer; won’t break down over time.
* Great traditional Sidi quality and construction.
* Bold new color offerings