Sidi Ghibli MTB Shoe

The good mountain biker is tough and handles challenges of the trail and foul weather with apparent ease. In order to do this, the mountain biker needs tough, rugged shoes. The Sidi Ghibli MTB Shoes safeguard not only the comfort but of the mountain biker’s feet – they also protect them. The Ghibli is completely waterproof. No water will get in. SIDI’s outdoor sole has variable thickness so that the shock of the trail is absorbed and the power of the leg transfers efficiently to the pedals. The sole has excellent grip and it expels water and mud. There is a 4-hole plate for SPD pedals. “London” insoles center the foot so it stays in place and doesn’t get chafed. These new insoles are warmer so they are ideally used in cooler climates. The Caliper Buckle micro-adjusts so it is easy to find the exact fit even as you are riding your mountain bike on the trails. Lift both side buckles to completely open, or push the center buckle to slightly open one buckle at a time. The external heel cup is stiff and it lasts long. The heel stays in place to more efficiently direct leg power to the pedal. The heel cup also protects the heel in case of a crash.
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* A brand new mountain bike shoe in the Sidi lineup.
* Sidi’s cold weather, water-resistant, outdoor shoe.
* Waterfroof "Rain” Membrane.
* Features Sidi’s own outdoor sole.
* Equipped with warmer new "London” insole.
* Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening.
* External, reinforced heel cup for superior fit and power transfer; won’t break down over time.
* Great traditional Sidi quality and construction.