Sidi Epic MTB Shoe - Black

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The Sidi Epic MTB Shoe is a riding and walking shoe. When you are riding your mountain bike, the shoe fits perfectly, but the sole allows you to get off the bike and walk for extended periods of time in complete comfort. The nylon sole is reinforced with carbon fiber and integrated plastic inserts for traction. This construction grips wet, muddy surfaces so you stay upright. The sole has a 4-hole plate for SPD pedals. The mesh upper is breathable and your feet stay dry and cool in warmer weather. Lace with Velcro closure secures the foot in place with classic style. External, reinforced heel cup keeps the foot in place and maintains the rigidity of the shoe’s heel area.

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Product FeaturesProduct reviews

* A brand new mountain bike shoe in the Sidi lineup.
* Sidi’s warmer weather outdoor shoe.
* Features Sidi’s own outdoor sole.
* Lace with Velcro closure.
* Large heel loop for fast transitions.
* External, reinforced heel cup for superior fit and power transfer; won’t break down over time.
* Great traditional Sidi quality and construction.