Sidi Wire Vent Carbon Air Push Shoe - White

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The SIDI Wire Vent Carbon Push Shoe is for the aspiring racer who wants to come to the race course invested with every possible advantage. The Vent Carbon Push Shoe is constructed with SIDI’s Vent Carbon Sole which is light and stiff with just enough flexion to ensure the foot stays comfortable. This is one of SIDI’s top-of-the-line soles made for the high-performance, high-mileage cyclist who needs a rigid sole that is forgiving enough so the foot doesn’t cramp. The sole’s flex at the toe relieves plantar tendon strain and allows blood to flow freely through the foot. The sole is not just stiff, it is also very light. This sole has vents which can be opened or closed for year-round comfort. When open, the air channels circulate air to keep the foot cool, dry and comfortable. In triathlon, the vent acts as drainage and allows the triathlete to shed water after the swim. The SRS sole has a standard 3-hole drilling pattern. The closure system in the shoe has three areas that close the shoe on the instep and the heel. Two buttons in SIDI’s TECNO-3 PUSH adjust independently to fit across the forefoot and the toe. New wire material in the closure system offers less friction and is now easier to adjust. The Techno-3 is serviceable and replaceable. The adjustable heel retention device provides 6 cm of adjustment on either side of the heel which completely eliminates heel lift and increases leg power transferred to the pedals. The heel device is replaceable. The Adjustable Soft Instep Closure System that eliminates pressure points and the memory foam on the insoles further increase comfort.

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* SIDI’s TECNO-3 PUSH dials in fit along the entire length of the shoe, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot for a customized fit.
* Sidi Vent Carbon Sole
* Two Techno 3 precision ratchet closures independently micro-adjust fit across forefoot and toe.
* Adjustable Heel Retention Device: Eliminates heel lift for optimized pedaling efficiency.
* Adjustable Soft Instep Closure System and padded tongue eliminate pressure points.
* Grippy, replaceable tread blocks.
* Integrated Rubber Toe Guard.
* Comfort Fit insoles with memory foam for lightweight support and an antibacterial treatment.