Sidi Kaos Shoe - Black

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The Kaos Shoe is new in SIDI’s lineup of cycling shoes but it offers all of SIDI’s classic features—the right amount of stiffness, complete comfort in any riding condition, and a range of ways the rider can make adjustments for a custom fit. SIDI made leaps and bounds in sole design when they first began designing the race cycling shoe. SIDI found a way to make a sole stiff enough to most efficiently transfer leg power to the pedal but flexible enough to ensure foot comfort. SIDI’s Millennium 4 Carbon Sole is SIDI’s latest in sole development. The sole is Nylon injected with carbon fiber making it 37% stiffer than the traditional nylon sole. The sole doesn’t absorb water which includes not only sweat but the rain that cyclists may encounter when they leave the house on cloudy days. Since the sole does not absorb water, it maintains its stiffness. It also resists changes from high mileage and high or low temperatures. This is a very durable sole. The shoe has an anti-slip toe insert and a replaceable polyurethane heel pad. The adjustment system in the Kaos is complex in design but very easy to adapt to foot shape. The Tecno 3 Precision Ratchet closure has been improved with new wire, making it now smoother and easier to tighten and loosen. The Tecno 3 has two buttons that can be incrementally fine-tuned giving a custom fit throughout the entire length of the shoe. The rider can easily make on-the-bike adjustments. The Tecno 3 is replaceable adding another factor that extends the life of this SIDI cycling shoe. The Caliper Buckle at the top of the shoe is another feature that allows the rider to make on-the-bike adjustments for that perfect fit . The heel pad is stiff and it is designed the keep the heel in place so no power is lost on each pedal stroke.

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* A brand new road shoe in the Sidi lineup.
* Features a Millennium 4 Carbon Sole.
* Tecno 3 Precision Ratchet closure independently micro-adjust fit across forefoot and toe.
* Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening.
* Replaceable heel pad.
* Great traditional Sidi quality and construction!
* Bold new color offerings!