Sidi Genius Fit Women's Shoe - White

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The Sidi Genius Fit Women's Shoe is stylish and designed for very fast riding. This cycling shoe has qualities that will help a woman continue to love riding her bike even on high intensity days in extreme weather. Consider, for instance, the sole: it’s 37% more rigid than a standard sole. Or the padding that eliminates pressure points and so helps to keep blood flow regular, reducing cramps. Even the durable upper shoe, with a closure system that guarantees an exact fit, makes the shoe more comfortable. A woman’s leg power is improved because the Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole directs more energy to the pedal. Another benefit of the carbon sole is that it lasts long because it does not absorb moisture, is not affected by temperature changes, or degrade due to high mileage. The sole has Standard 3-hole drilling pattern, 10 mm lateral and fore, aft cleat alignment scale and Memory Eyelet for easy cleat alignment and replacement. There is a replaceable heel pad. The closure system is superior to that in any other shoes. Lift the Caliper Buckle and you can easily micro-adjust the shoe while on or off the bike. For a quick opening, lift both buckles. To fine tune the fit, lift one buckle to adjust one tooth at a time. Interlocking polymer teeth engage themselves in the Velcro® straps so they stay locked tight. A padded tongue under the buckle serves as a cushion and increases comfort. The upper is made with Technofiber microfiber which is a durable, thin material that feels and looks like leather. The microfiber has all the advantages of leather and none of its disadvantages. The shoe resists abrasion, it is lighter weight and softer. The microfiber does not change shape when temperature changes. It maintains its stretch after rainy rides in steaming hot weather. The upper is also very breathable. Made with mesh padding and perforated venting these highly breathable shoes keep feet cool and dry in the warmer months. The leather is easy to clean because it’s mildew-resistant.

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* Millennium 4 Carbon Composite Sole.
* Caliper Buckle two-way ratchet for easy on-bike adjustment with incremental tightening and loosening.
* Adjustable Soft Instep Closure System and padded tongue eliminate pressure points.
* High Security Velcro® won’t shift or slip.
* Breathable, supple and durable vented Technomicro microfiber upper with cooling mesh panels.