Sidi Wire Vent Carbon Push Shoe - Ylw Fluo/Black

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SIDI shoes have been worn by top racers around the world. As a result of the demand for an even more versatile cycling shoe, SIDI created the Vent Carbon Sole that is used in the Vent Carbon Push Shoe. The vents in the sole can be manually opened or closed making this particular SIDI cycling shoe a year round race shoe for the cyclist who looks for every advantage on the race course. The Vent Carbon offers SIDI’s classic light weight, stiff sole that transfers power efficiently without compromising comfort. What is unique about this SIDI shoe is the sole’s vents with air channels that allow air to flow so heat and sweat evaporate. On cool days, the vents can be closed and on warm days, they are easy to open. The construction of the Vent Carbon Push Shoe helps to explain why such a shoe has been worn by winning racers such as Peter Sagan who has won many stages in big races-- the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a Espana. These shoes provide an advantage even in triathlons. The open vent drains water from the shoe as the triathlete is making the transition from swim to bike. The Vent Carbon Sole is handmade so no details are ever overlooked. A weave pattern is oriented at opposing angles of carbon fiber. The weaving pattern maximizes stiffness while still letting your foot to flex enough so blood flows and your foot doesn’t cramp. The flex also relieves stress on the plantar tendon. Aligning and replacing cleats is easy to do through the standard 3-hole drilling pattern, printed 10 mm laterals and fore/aft cleat alignment scale as well as the Look Memory Eyelet. The fit in the Vent Carbon Push Shoe is excellent. SIDI’s Techno 3 Push ratcheting dial allows you to customize the adjustments so the cycling shoe fits perfectly. The combination of different features results in pressure being distributed evenly, so your foot experiences no pinching and your ankle doesn’t slide. In every pedal stroke, leg power is efficiently transferred into making the bike go faster and your foot always stay comfortable. Non-stretched wires are laced through two front dials to provide the medium for an exact fit. When you press the red button on the dials, you can make the adjustments easily-- even on the bike. Turn the dial so you find the right tension or for a quick loosening, press the two release buttons on the side of the dials. The wires are laced over the forefoot as well as on top of the foot which has the Soft Instep Closure System, a wide curved thermos-formed EVA pad that evenly spreads pressure across the top of the foot. The heel area is secured through SIDI’s Heel Security System where two screws can be adjusted to clamp the heel cup around the ankle. This ensures your heel stays in place without the shoe pinching your ankle. A heel pad has been added to ensure walkability. Comfort Fit insoles with a thin layer of memory foam conform to the shape of your foot so you feel secure and comfortable inside the Vent Carbon Shoe. On the outside, the Lorica microfiber upper is water-repellent, quick-drying, breathable and abrasion-resistant so your feet stay light and dry. While some of the features in the SIDI shoe can be worn down after heavy usage, they are replaceable—the replacement of the Soft Instep Closure System, Tecno-3 push buckle and polyurethane heel pad ensures your Sidi Vent Carbon Push Shoe lasts through many seasons.

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* Lorica microfiber upper is water-repellent, quick-drying, breathable and abrasion-resistant
* Comfort Fit insoles with a thin layer of memory foam for lightweight support and antibacterial protection
* SIDI Heel Cup stabilizes and supports the heel to reduce slippage and increase power transfer
* Adjustable Heel Retention Device adjusts the fit around the top of the heel cup to eliminate heel lift during the pedal stroke
* Adjustable Soft Instep Closure System and padded tongue eliminates pressure points
* Replaceable heel pad makes walking easier than ever
* Dual Techno 3 precision ratchet closures independently micro-adjust fit across forefoot and toe
* SIDI's Techo 3 Push dials in fit along the entire length of the shoe, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot for a customized fit
* Vent Carbon Sole