Sidi Wire Vent Carbon SP Push Shoe - White

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The new SIDI Wire Vent Carbon Shoe is for the rider who needs a fast cycling shoe that is Speed Play compatible and with 4-season comfort. An outstanding feature of the SIDI Vent Carbon Sole® is the closeable vents. An adjustable vent at the forefront and a vent at the mid-foot tunnel air through the foot, cooling it down on hot days. On cooler days, the vents can be closed so body heat is retained. The Wire Vent Carbon shoe also brags a stiff sole which is durable and conforming to the foot. The sole does everything it needs to do to make sure the rider comfortably transfers leg power to the pedal. This sole features a 4-bolt Speed Play pattern which reduces bolt height and weight. A Speed Play shoe gives the rider the advantages of being closer to the pedal for more clearance on corners as well as being lighter weight. The anatomy of everyone’s foot varies in shape. SIDI engineers understand this concept so they designed the SIDI Wire Vent so the rider can find the exact fit with an easy-to-adjust closure system. The all-new Tecno 3 buckles adjust independently at a single point for a perfect fit across the forefoot and toe. The SIDI Wire Vent has a very smooth open and closure system making it exact and easy to adjust. To lengthen the wire, pinch both buckles on either side. To tighten, open and wind the buckle until you feel the right tension. Padding under the tongue and instep straps has been added for extra comfort. Comfort Fit insoles with memory foam are a lightweight addition to support the foot in the shoe. At the heel area, the heel retention system can be fine-tuned via a small Allen Key adjustment so the heel doesn’t lift. Between the heel retention system and Tecno 3 buckles, the shoe has an all-around series of adjustments that allow the rider to have their foot positioned so leg power is most efficiently transferred to the pedals and foot comfort is maximized.

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* ALL NEW Tecno 3 buckles independently adjust fit across the forefoot and toe.
* IMPROVED Vent Carbon Sole®: Same incredible stiffness with closeable vents.
* Adjustable Heel Retention Device® eliminates heel lift.
* NEW Comfort Fit insoles with memory foam for lightweight support.
* Lighter, more ergonomic Soft Instep Closure System® and padded tongue eliminate pressure points.