Sidi Gas Street Shoe - Black

There is no finer motorcycle shoe than the SIDI Gas Riding Shoe. Zip up the Gas to ride freely and comfortably on the open roads during the spring, summer and fall months. The mesh side panels and partially vented upper cool the feet when the temperatures rise. The inside mesh wicks away sweat and keeps the foot dry. While the low cut design with mid-height places it in the boot category, the lightweight toe makes it most definitely a riding shoe. Inside is a lightweight inner sole with a removable arch support pad for adjusting the fit. The Gas is made with genuine leather. Suede leather upper with reflective inserts are the platform for a shoe that ensures the rider’s foot is comfortable and protected. The flex in the toe allows more maneuverability to control the brake pedal and gear selector. SIDI’s non-slip rubber outsole secures feet on the pegs and it works great for outdoor off-the-bike play. Rounded laces that weave through covered outlets are easily adjusted for the right fit. The Velcro enclosure at the top secures the foot in place. Rear reflective panels are another safety feature to the shoe. The painted rubberized panel on both sides has a low profile so the boots are not heavy when you get off the bike and walk around. There is a lower heel panel with a small pull strap at the top that assists to fitting the shoe to the foot. Durability and longevity are ensured with double stitches in areas most subject to stress.
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* A Sidi Design Series (SDS) riding shoe
* Low cut design
* Lace and Velcro® brand closure
* Leather with nylon mesh upper construction
* Partially vented upper
* Rear pull strap for quick entry
* Light duty inner sole
* Removable arch support pad
* Non-slip rubber Sidi branded sole
* Double stitched in all high stress areas
* Rear of foot reflective panels